My Programmes

I work with individuals and teams within or outside of organizations. As an Executive and Wellness Coach, I focus on mothers, parenting, teenagers who I see in one on one and/or workshop settings as well as executive and teams within organizations.

With over 13 years in the corporate world, I am very familiar with this setting and understand the importance of teamwork, instilling company values and cohesion as these are very much correlated with the success of an organization (be it for or nonprofit).

As a mother and a parent, I feel very strongly about the wellbeing of mothers and parents in general but also about making sure that it isn’t harder than it should be. Holding the space for mamas as they find their bearings while they navigate their individual motherhood journey is what I am passionate about. I’ve been there and I know what it takes to find your identity within this role and outside of it. Positive discipline is an eye opener as it can better a parent-child relationship with relatively easy to implement tools and knowledge.

I also work with teens in and outside of school, as they undergo many stresses, social media, peer pressure, and celebrity culture, which often stand in the way of them finding and being themselves. I have found that when certain realizations are made at this stage and when actions are taken the entry to adulthood is less turbulent, clearer, happier and more solid.

One to One

I offer face to face (one on one) sessions in Egypt for now these are help at wellness centers across Cairo. You could choose to only have in person sessions or mix with online/phone sessions also. They’re both exactly the same and as powerful.


I hold one on one sessions with clients all over the world via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Botim as well as over the phone. Several clients in Egypt also choose online as it saves time (the commute) and can be done from the comfort of your home/office so easier to plug in within busy schedules. I also host group sessions online via Zoom for workshops or group coaching.


I conduct workshops in person or online with a group setting from 3 to 80 people. Some of them are generic and cross cutting across my niches while others are very tailored to a specific group i.e. mothers, parents, teens, executives etc… I also work alongside organization and companies to customise specific workshops based on their individual need.


I provide one on one session to company founders, c-level executives and top management and know how their individual self-awareness and wellbeing has a direct impact on the company they operate. I have workshops that address teams within the corporate world and work closely with the top management to customize groups sessions for their respective organizations when needed.