Self Care Junkie – Mama Wellness Series

Self Care Junkie is the second workshop of the Mama Wellness Coaching Series workshops.

Self Care Junkie

It is hard to prioritize yourself when you have kids, a house, a husband, work and whatever else is on your plate to juggle. Self-care is not always a luxury, but a means for survival! There is no secret tool here though if you do not give to YOU no one will. It is also difficult to define self-care which has a different meaning to different people. Is it having a fit body and workout daily? Indulge at your favourite restaurant? Head to a spa regularly? Coffee with a friend to vent? Alone time with a book? A long silent walk? Meditation? Traveling? Painting? Playing music? The list is endless.

This workshop will allow you to identify your self-care persona, “the who am I?” in different context of your life.  What is it that you need to refill your energy daily? You will learn how to prioritize yourself and how in turn this will positively impact all other aspects of your life. We will go through the who you are “being” and what you are “doing” when you’re taking care of yourself (and when you’re not). Remember, it is an inside out journey so let’s all become guilt free self-care junkies


Nun Centre, Zamalek


19 January 2020
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Nun Centre

  • 2 hours