Teenager Coaching

The teenager phase is challenging. It’s a socialization period where teenagers want to belong, they will gravitate towards peers who are like them or who they want to be associated to. They will often rebel against the values instilled at home, meaning their family, and all this to satisfy their need to fit in. During a time where they feel pressured, get overwhelmed, lack confidence or feel stuck, coaching will help them develop their self-awareness, boost their self-esteem and overall work with them to achieve their dreams and goals.

One to One Sessions

I offer one on one coaching to teenagers starting the age of 15. This coaching dynamic is generally a “triangle relationship” between coach, client (teenager) and parent (caregiver). The teenager’s buy-in is critical in order to start. Parents are involved in the first session and when/if needed as per the client/coach decision.

Confidentiality continues to be of prime importance between the coach and client, this includes not sharing what happens in sessions with the parent except if the client is about to harm him/herself or someone else. If the coach feels that sharing a piece of information with the parent could be of service to the client, the latter’s approval is needed.

Teenager Wellness Workshop Series

Below are workshops that were designed especially for girls which were held in schools and wellness centres. I am also in touch with schools to put together workshops for both boys and girls, around the topics of bullying, substance abuse, dating, social media addiction and friendship struggles. These will be slightly customized based on the school and grade.

Girls Out Loud (60 minutes)

Being a girl can be tough! Many pressures can stand in the way of finding and being yourself; social media, peer pressure, and celebrity culture, all affect your sense of identity and self-esteem.  This is a short interactive 60 min empowering workshop that shares the basics of staying true to yourself, feeling good in your own skin, and allowing your star to shine bright!

Shine from Within (90 minutes)

In this workshop you’ll get to meet your negative self-talk and your inner leader. You will learn to recognize these negative voices inside your head that often come in the way of what is best for you. You will also meet that part inside of you that knows your strengths, talents, gifts and your limitations and has room for all of you. Your inner leader who believes in you completely and no matter what holds you tenderly with gentleness, compassion, and infinite patience.

Get to know that part of yourself that is always available to you for support, courage, clarity and wisdom!