Mama Coaching

Motherhood is breathtakingly beautiful and challenging. We are often “programed” to appear like we’ve got it all together, to share the positives and how we’re doing amazingly. But it’s hard. And sometimes (all the time) we just need acknowledgement, someone to check in on where we are and how we’re feeling; a reminder of who we are and an understanding of who we are becoming at every step of the way. We need to be allowed to grief our pre-baby life or just the previous phase and embrace our new life. Even when we’ve been mamas for years there are different stages and in every one of those we sometimes lose ourselves.

We often feel like we’re alone in this; are we really? Do we actually validate our own feelings? Do we reach out to those who can help? Do we priorities our needs? Do we simply pause and breathe? Many questions that we seldom take the time to answer. The one thing to remember is that the main person that needs to take care of you is, you!

One to One Coaching

I help mothers – be it new mothers up to teenagers to help understand how to prioritise oneself and make sure you love yourself as much as you love your children.  One to one sessions can be held anytime, anywhere.

Mama Wellness – Workshop Series

This series will walk you through the roller-coaster you go through internally in your journey. You will be given tools to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need to embrace and/or let go of, to feel aligned and in turn fulfilled. Once self-awareness is achieved, you will get access to tool on “how” to implement your learning and move forward.

Be Fulfilled

Living a life with no resonance is no life really. We are meant to feel the tingling excitement and serenity every day of our lives, we are meant to lead fulfilling lives. This will only happen when who we are “being” and what we are “doing” are in alignment with our own values.

This workshop will give you the tools to uncover your values – what are they and how much do you honour them in your life -; recognize the negative voices in your head and how to control them; connect with your “inner leader” so that you can create a fulfilling life of purpose and satisfaction.

Self-Care Junkie

It is hard to prioritize yourself when you have kids, a house, a husband, work and whatever else is on your plate to juggle. Self-care is not always a luxury, but a means for survival! There is no secret tool here though if you do not give to YOU no one will. It is also difficult to define self-care which has a different meaning to different people. Is it having a fit body and workout daily? Indulge at your favourite restaurant? Head to a spa regularly? Coffee with a friend to vent? Alone time with a book? A long silent walk? Meditation? Traveling? Painting? Playing music? The list is endless.

This workshop will allow you to identify your self-care persona, “the who am I?” in different context of your life.  What is it that you need to refill your energy daily? You will learn how to prioritize yourself and how in turn this will positively impact all other aspects of your life. We will go through the who you are “being” and what you are “doing” when you’re taking care of yourself (and when you’re not). Remember, it is an inside out journey so let’s all become guilt free self-care junkies

Embrace Your “Unbalance”

“I want more balance in my life”, this sentence is often charged with chaos and a “stuck” perspective. There is a yearning for space, “freedom”, structure and most of all choice that comes with it. We want to choose the life we live and not only be reactive to it. We want to break free from the routine when it no longer serves us and create a new one. And sometimes we don’t even know what we want, it’s all blurry…we’re just stuck.

This workshop will give you the tools to create flow, restore alignment and regain control of your life. You will learn about the power of new perspectives that bring endless possibilities. It will allow you to create an exciting, life-affirming strategy to make their most resonant choice and move forward.