Executive Coaching

Within organizations, it is important to adapt and understand the existing culture. The relationships between a coach and an executive or teams are intended to benefit the individual as a whole and as such increase his or her performance within the organization.

One to One Coaching

I work primarily with founders, executives and anyone who holds a leadership position within an organization. Their individual self-awareness and wellbeing have a direct impact on the organization they operate. This can be done directly through me or through the organization.


I customize workshop depending on the company or organization I’m working for. I have workshops that address teams within the corporate world and also have designed workshops for teachers within schools and nurseries. Themes vary from emotional intelligence, empowering others, mindful leadership to constructive conflict, unbiased thinking and improving communication. Below are a couple of workshops that are adopted in different corporate and organization contexts.

The Power of Yes (2 Hours)

The focus is often on the “power of no”, teaching us how to say no to others, but isn’t it truly about the power of saying yes to SELF. By committing to our own values and saying yes to what we want to do and who we want to be it will be easy to say no to what comes in the way.

This workshop is for YOU to learn to say yes to YOU but what does that even mean?  To introspect and uncover what you want so that you can honour it, commit to yourself, achieve your goals and dreams and be fulfilled. We identify what is in the way. From there we will action every “yes” so that you get closer to living the life you want to. Finding this alignment and clarity will have a tremendous positive impact on the workplace, team, clients anyone else you’re working with/for.

This workshop is customized in great detail.

Balance from Within (90 minutes)

This mini workshop will give you practical tools to help you check in with yourself and realize whether you’re living your best life. You’ll gain a bird eye view on your life as a whole and your satisfaction level in different domain. What comes in the way of you being increasingly satisfied? What values are being stepped on? What actions can you take to get closer to your goals?  Are you able to recognize the saboteurs?

What will you learn:

  • The meaning of leading a fulfilling life
  • Recognizing the negative voices in your head and how to address them
  • A couple of tools to uncover your own values
  • Understanding the meaning of resonance and dissonance
  • A tool to put things in perspective for great clarity